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Garden of Paradise aims to grow tastier, fresher, healthier produce than what you find in grocery stores. I eat the same veggies and herbs that I grow. I don’t feed my plants anything unsafe for me or my cats to eat. I use nature to defeat pests. I create healthy soil, which helps reduce insects, rodents, and plant diseases. Most everything I use is on the approved USDA organic list. I am not USDA Certified organic. I don’t need the government to tell me how to run my business. I am capable of caring for the environment, and the planet, without their guidance. Environmental ethics is important to me.

The goal.

The mission at Garden of Paradise is to help get more local foods into the mouths of Iowans and to diversify Iowa’s Agricultural Economy by encouraging all farmers and food producers to raise a more diverse variety of crops (fruits, veggies, and plant medicines) across the state. The ability to secure locally grown produce and processed foods helps promote a healthier lifestyle. Flavor and nutrients are higher in fresh produce as compared to early-picked, imported, and highly processed foods. A local diet helps grow healthier, happier people!

The Mission.

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